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      2. Hotline:0769-81186880

        Contact Us

        Junan Mould


        Phone: +86-0769-81186880



        Address:No.15th、17th,Huangwu Rongxing Road, Dongkeng Town, Dongguan City

        ChooseJunan MouldChoose a reliable partner

        Brand strengthWin the trust of large enterprises
        Years of precision mold design and manufacturing, with industry-leading precision
        molds technical strength
        Production scale, the daily output of up to 100,000 pcs,
        supply faster
        Superb craftsmanshipThe pursuit of the ultimate product
        With a number of mold designers, for customers to improve the 3D drawings, optimize the surface design and structure So that products more market selling point, not only reduce production costs, but also enhance the terminal market sales
        Five Star Service
        - Intimate butler service
        Pre-sale service: According to your proofing drawings, the corresponding optimization,
        the beginning of the sample production, and free mail to your company review Sale of products strict inspection,
        carried out by independent packaging binning process, by professional logistics and distribution,
        for customers to store After sale any non-human product problems, 30 days can be redone to replace

        - IntoJunan Mould -

        Dongguan Hongan Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, located at No.15、 17 Huangwu Rongxing Road, Dongkeng Town, Dongguan City. In order to enhance its competitive advantage, it invested in Dongguan Junan Mould Technology Co., Ltd. in 2018, located in Dongkeng Town, Dongguan City. On the 15th、17th floor of Huangwu Rongxing Road, Junan Company is a fully automated workshop. There is no operator in the injection molding workshop, and it is uniformly distributed into the processing area by the assembly line.

        The company has many mold design engineers and product engineers, strong technical force, complete equipment, production of various types of precision plastic molds and plastic products...




        How does mold processing prevent deformation durin
        How to improve the life of the mold?
        Mold failure of the basic reasons and preventive m


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